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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Firm

  • What Counties do you provide representation in?

         We represent clients in all of the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

  • How many family law cases have we handled?

        Over 2,000

  • How many criminal cases have we handled?

         Over 3,000

  • Can misdemeanor arrests effect my immigration status?

        Yes, contact us immediately 

  • What is an attorney/bail bond?

        We are able to provide our clients with an attorney bail bond service         for those that would like to be bonded out of jail on a criminal charge

  • Are payment plans available?


  • What do I do if Child Protective Services (CPS) contacts me?

        Contact us

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We are always here to answer any additional questions you may have about your case. Please feel free to contact us any time, as well as come in for a free consultation.

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